Artistic Robot Workshops

Teaching kids across Canada to make
Robotic Creatures that move and Draw

Welcome to the Coast-to-Coast Robot Tour, and Artistic Robots

  Our Goal: To reach 250 Canadian Schools 

(that's 15,000 kids who get to make awesome robots!) 


Welcome to our Site

We teach students how to make 
 that move around, and draw
all over the floor!!!

Please watch the video (left) to learn more, and take a look at our student videos below for THEIR take on it! 

Hands-on, fun and experiential workshops.

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Artistic Robot Workshops Across Canada

Did you know...

According to Statistics Canada, 20% of students state that Art is their favorite subject, while only 8% of students overall agree to liking Science.

Artistic Robot Workshops teach students in a cross-curricular way about:


We teach students to learn ABOUT their weaknesses,  
THROUGH their strengths, whether it's science, art, or BOTH!

They Found Us! They Found US!!! Info about the Tour in the Media: 

 Click Here!!  For a link to an article in the Milton Champion about the tour!!!   Click Here!!

What the Robots Do

What Do the Robots Do?

These robots create art, by vibrating all over.  What you choose to do to YOUR robot changes everything though. 

Students in past classes have created robots that:
 -spit beads from their mouths
-turn on and off with homemade switches
-ooze paint all over the floor
-create noise and sound
-jump up and down
-light up 

What would you make? 

Rothesay Elementary School, Rothesay, New Brunswick

 What Students are Saying about 

Artistic Robot Workshops

"Our class had a great time.  We got a chance to be really creative.  We all really enjoyed it and we hope to have another great opportunity to do this again.  Thank you."
- Caitlin, Grade 6, MacTier Public School, MacTier, ON

"One thing I liked was how it was hands-on and we were shown the basics, on how to make the robot, and then we could design it however we wanted."
- Anonymous, Grade 7, St. Anne's Catholic School, Kitchener, ON

"It was really fun because we got to make wacky robots"
-Mayanle, Grade 3, MPS Etobicoke, Etobicoke, ON

This video is from our visit to E.W. Foster School in Milton, Ontaio

"I love making robots! I love the way they draw on their own.  I can't wait to do it again next year."
-Jonathan, Grade 5, Munns Public School, Oakville, ON

"I liked that we all got to build really cool moving robots."
- James, Grade 7, St. Anne's Catholic School, Kitchener, ON

"I liked the constant creativity using anything you could find to give your robot personality."
- Samantha, Grade 7, St. Anne's Catholic School, Kitchener, ON

"Memorable, fun and way above my expectations."
- Aryaman, Grade 6, Lisgar Middle School, Mississauga, ON

"This is a very educational experience for kids. 10+"
- Aqsa, Grade 6, Lisgar Middle School, Mississauga, ON

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The Coast-to-Coast Robot Tour is finished for this year, so please visit our sister site: 

for more about workshops
involving robots, art, and all things fun!!! 

Enjoy Learning!!! 

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